Creating Product Shortcuts

Product Shortcuts allow you to add one or more products to new orders, draft orders, and edits with just one click. Use Product Shortcuts to configure commonly added sets of items for bundles, upsells, or simple shortcuts for quick access to commonly used products.

How Product Shortcuts Work

Product shortcuts can be used in any scenario with Cleverific:

  • Creating or editing regular orders
  • Creating or editing draft orders
  • Creating orders from abandoned checkouts

When a product shortcut is applied to an order, all of the line items that you configured inside of the product shortcut will be added at once. The line items added will preserve the variants and quantities that you previously set when you created the product set.

Product shortcuts can contain 1 or more line items. There is no practical limit to the number of line items you can set up in a product shortcut.

You can create as many product shortcuts as you need.

Create and Edit Product Shortcuts

Create a new product shortcut

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin. 
  2. Go to Apps > Cleverific Order Editor.
  3. In the Cleverific dashboard, click the Product Shortcuts link.

  1. Click the New Product Shortcut button to start creating a new product shortcut.

Build your product shortcut

  1. Edit the name of your product shortcut. Your product shortcut name will only be visible to you and your team.
  2. Click on the Add Product button to add products.
  3. You can set the default quantity for any product when it is added to an order.
  4. Click Save to save the product shortcut. The product shortcut will be immediately available for use the next time you create or edit a regular order or draft order.

Edit a product shortcut

To edit an existing product shortcut, click on the product shortcut's name in the list.

Editing a product shortcut does not affect any orders that you may have already used the product shortcut in.

Delete a product shortcut

To delete a product shortcut, mouse over the product shortcut you want to delete and then click on the trash can icon. 

Deleting a product shortcut does not affect any orders that you may have already used the product shortcut in. It cannot be undone.

Use Product Shortcuts in Orders

When using Cleverific you can use your product shortcuts by clicking on the lightning bolt icon next to the product search bar.

When your product shortcut options appear, click on the product shortcut you want to use. Cleverific will immediately add all items from your product shortcut to the order.