Sending Payment Requests with Custom Message Templates

You can use a custom message template in Cleverific when you send a payment request to your customers. This feature allows you to create custom messages so that you can use the messaging that you prefer or communicate with customers in your preferred language.

Send Payment Requests with custom message templates

Before sending out the payment request, you can select the custom message that you would like to use from the Choose a template dropdown menu. The message will immediately appear in the window in case you would like to make changes or customize it further.

Manage custom messages

You can create custom message templates by:

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin > Apps > Cleverific Order Editor

  1. Then, click on Settings.

  1. Click on Payment Request Settings.

  1. On the Payment Request Settings page, you can create new templates, edit existing templates, and delete them.

Create a new message template

Message templates require the following fields:

  1. Name: This is the name of the template that you'll see in your options when deciding which template to use when sending a payment request. The default name for all templates is "Untitled". You can edit the name by clicking on the template's current name in the upper left-hand area of the page.
  2. From address: The email address from which the payment request will be sent. This currently defaults to your store's customer service email address.
  3. Subject: The subject of the email
  4. Message body: The body of your message for the payment request sent to your customers