Introduction to order editing in Advanced Mode

Cleverific has two editing modes: Quick Mode and Advanced Mode. This article will cover what Advanced Mode is, the types of edits available, and its limitations.

  • In Quick Mode, all edits are saved on the original order but are subject to Shopify's order editing platform limitations
  • In Advanced Mode, Shopify platform limitations are bypassed to allow additional types of edits by performing a "save-as" edit, which cancels the original order and applies payment to an edited version of the order. 

What is Advanced Mode?

Note: When you edit in Advanced Mode and save, the original order will be canceled and a "save-as" version of your order will be generated.

In Advanced Mode, you can perform a wide range of edits that can’t be made in Shopify, including changing your customer's billing address and adjusting product taxes and weights. 

If you’re an existing user (before October 4, 2021), Advanced Mode is the same mode that you’ve always used.

Types of edits available in Advanced Mode

If you want to make edits for more complex orders like custom orders, wholesale orders, or subscription boxes, Advanced Mode provides editing options that neither Shopify nor Quick Mode covers. Here’s a list of edits you can perform in Advanced Mode:

  • Modify line item pricing
  • Modify line item properties/product options
  • Modify/upgrade shipping
  • Change billing address
  • Add cart discounts
  • Switch customer
  • Add an item with product options
  • Edit orders after 180 days
  • Add a custom item with product options
  • Treat customer as tax-exempt on order
  • Change order date
  • Modify tax rates
  • Change the order of line items
  • Add pricing rules to an order

Advanced Mode also supports all edits available in Quick Mode:

  • Add discounts to existing line items
  • Exchange a product variant inline
  • Change shipping address
  • Modify/upgrade shipping
  • Add/remove/modify custom fields
  • Add and remove items
  • Change quantity
  • Add custom items
  • Update order notes
  • Change contact email address
  • Charge additional amount with payment requests

You can also access these features in Advanced Mode:

  • Make edits to orders between customer authorization and payment capture
  • Add groups of saved products to orders with a button
  • Automatically refund your customer after the first edit
  • Save invoice messages for Payment Requests
  • View customer info (Average Order Value (AOV), Order History, Total Spend) on orders
  • See full product SKUs when you search for products

Does Advanced Mode have any limitations?

Due to Shopify platform limitations, Cleverific uses a workaround to perform certain edits that aren’t currently possible in Shopify. Advanced Mode cancels the original order and uses a "save-as" method to override limitations on an edited order. This means that Advanced Mode will create an additional "save-as" order when your edits are saved, which will affect your sales reports.

To find out how to filter out canceled orders from your sales reports, see this article.


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