Making order edits that maintain accurate sales figures

Use Quick Mode to maintain the accuracy of your Shopify sales figures when editing in Order Editor. Editing in Quick Mode allows you to save edits directly on the original order but provides a condensed range of editing options due to Shopify's order editing platform limitations.

For editing clarity, Cleverific has two editing modes: one that works within Shopify's order editing platform limitations and one that bypasses them to perform additional types of edits. In Quick Mode, all edits are saved on the original order, and in Advanced Mode, a "save-as" is performed, which cancels the original order and applies payment to an edited version of the order.

If you need additional information about Cleverific’s order editing modes, see the FAQ on our site. Please refer to our article on Quick Mode for a list of available edits and features.

Note: Make sure to switch modes BEFORE you start editing because edits will not save when you toggle between modes.