Editing line item pricing in Advanced Mode

For editing clarity, Cleverific has two editing modes: one that works within Shopify's order editing platform limitations and one that bypasses them to perform additional types of edits. In Quick Mode, all edits are saved on the original order, and in Advanced Mode, a "save-as" is performed, which cancels the original order and applies payment to an edited version of the order.

Note: When you edit in Advanced Mode and save, the original order is canceled, and a "saved-as" order is generated.

In Advanced Mode, you can perform a wide range of edits that can’t be made in Shopify, including increasing or decreasing your line item pricing. 

Customize line item pricing in Advanced Mode

1. From the orders page, select an order and click Edit Order from the More actions menu

2. Click under Unit Price on a line item to enter a custom price

3. Save your order.

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