Shopify Flow limitations

Due to limitations in Shopify's order editing API, some orders can't be edited with our Cleverific + Shopify Flow integration.

Orders created by third-party apps

Shopify currently restricts which orders an app is allowed to edit. Currently, orders created by other third-party apps cannot be edited by Cleverific's Shopify Flow integration.

When Cleverific detects orders created by these other apps, the order will be tagged (with "Edit Order - Expand Bundles Failed" or "Edit Order - Flow Failed") and then skipped over. 

You will see in your Shopify Flow's Recent Runs that the workflow also failed.

Note: Subscription-based orders placed with Recharge and other subscription apps available on the Shopify App Store can be edited by Cleverific's Shopify Flow integration, as these orders are now directly created through Shopify Checkout.

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