Catch weight feature

Currently, Shopify doesn’t offer to sell catch-weight items as decimal quantities are not supported on the platform. In this article, you can find our best workaround. 

Manage approximate weight orders

1. Have your customer place an order with the highest weight (i.e: using variants for specific approximate weights that you offer)

2. Edit the order with the actual weight. 

Here you can do one of the following, depending on the process that works best for you:

a. Add a custom product to the order using the same SKU as was ordered by the customer and modify the title or a line item property to specify the weight of the product. Enter a quantity of 1 and the final price of the product as measured

b. Use a hidden product in your product catalog whose price is listed per the smallest weight unit that you measure by (e.g., 0.01kg). From here you would add this product to the order and specify the quantity in whole numbers. For example, if the smallest unit is 0.01kg and the purchase is 0.250kg, you would enter a quantity of 250.

This solution would require:

  • To capture the payment first to be able to edit the order in Advanced Mode. (Read more about this editing mode here: Introduction to order editing in Advanced Mode).

    If the total amount decreases and a refund is due after edits, it will automatically issue a refund to your customers.

  • Or, if the amount is only authorized and not captured yet, you could edit your orders in Quick Mode, which is tied to Shopify's limitations and only allows a limited range of edits. (Read more about this editing mode here: Introduction to order editing in Quick Mode).

    You can then capture this total amount that was decreased after edits, as long as this amount is lower than or equal to the authorization amount.

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