How Cleverific works in Advanced Mode

When you edit an order in Advanced Mode, Cleverific creates a copy of your order with all the existing order details for you to edit. Once you complete your edits, Cleverific performs a “save as” by canceling the original order and applying the original payment to the newly edited version of the order. This ensures that there’s a clear paper trail of what has happened with the order at all times.

This article will review an example and explain what happens to the original payment or when the total price changes.


Say you edit order #1031 in Cleverific After saving your edits, order number #1031 will be canceled, and order #1031A will be created with all your edits intact. 

Once you are directed back to the edited order page, you will see your new edited order marked with an appended letter (#1031A). The original order should appear below it (#1031), strikethrough, indicating that the order has been marked as canceled.

You will see the following tags:

  • On the original order: "Edit Order - Cancelled"
  • On the edited order: "Edit Order"

Price change after edits

Here's what happens when your total price changes on the edited order:

  1. The total price is lower than the original order's total price

A refund is automatically issued to your customer. If you want to add another refund later, you’ll need to go back to the original order to issue the refund through Shopify. Learn more about how to perform a refund.

  1. The total price is greater than the original order's total price

A pending amount is posted to the balance of the edited order. You can send a payment request to collect the outstanding amount. Learn more about how to send a payment request.

  1. The total price is equal to the original order's total price

No refunds are issued, and the edited order will be automatically marked as paid.

Original payment

For record-keeping purposes, Cleverific copies the transaction history from the original order and applies it to the edited order. This makes it easier to see at a glance what your customer has paid to date without needing to backtrack to the original order.

However, this does not mean your customer is charged twice. What you’ll see on your edited order is a copy of the transaction history from the original order, like a carbon copy, not a duplicate. It will be noted as "Manual gateway" in the order timeline:

See also: Learn more about how edited orders might affect your Shopify reports.