Refunding removed items in Customer Portal

Refunds for items that were removed by your customers in Customer Portal are not automatic and must be manually issued through your Shopify admin. This article will show you what happens when your customers remove an item.

Refunds after edits

When your customers decrease the quantity of an item or entirely remove an item from their paid order, a banner will show them that a refund is due. They will also receive an email notification that their order has been updated.

Issue refunds 

If a refund is due after your customers have edited their order (i.e.: they removed an item or cancelled the order), you will receive an email notification with a link to the order page. You will have to manually issue the refund through your Shopify admin. The refunds are not automatic.

Note: In your Customer Portal's settings, the email notification section allows you to receive email notifications to a specific email address of your choice. If no email address is entered, the email notification that an order was cancelled or edited will be sent to your admin's email address.

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