Allowing customers to add items to their orders

In your Customer Portal settings, you can decide whether or not you want to allow your customers to add items to their orders. The default setting is to allow your customers to add items to their order but you can change this anytime.

Disable adding items

By default, customers can add items to their orders in Customer Portal. However, you can disable this setting by following the steps below. 


  1. Navigate to Apps > Cleverific Order Editor.
  2. Go to Customer Portal settings > Customize order editing section.
  3. Under Decide what changes customers can make, uncheck the box next to Customers can add item to order.

Your changes will be automatically saved.

Out-of-stock products

If one of your products is out of stock and the setting "Continue selling when out of stock" is disabled on your product page, your customers won't be able to add this product to their order.

When trying to add this out-of-stock product, they'll see a message letting them know that the product selected is out of stock: