Disallowing customers to modify shipping city, province, or zip code

In the Fraud protection section of your Customer Portal settings, you can decide whether or not you want to disallow your customers to change certain information from the shipping address. The default setting is to allow your customers to edit their shipping city, province, and ZIP code but you can change this anytime.

Enabling this setting can prevent customers from taking advantage of shipping rates/offers only available in certain regions.

Disallow shipping city, province and ZIP code change

  1. Go to Customer Portal settings > Fraud protection section.
  2. Under Decide what shipping information can be changed, uncheck the box next to Customers can modify shipping city, province, or zip code. Your changes will be automatically saved.

When this setting is enabled, your customers won't be able to change the city, province/state, or ZIP code from their shipping address. This will also disable the ability to change the Country/Region.