Disallowing customers to increase quantities exceeding a certain percentage

In the Fraud protection section of your Customer Portal settings, you can decide whether or not you want to disallow your customers to increase product quantities exceeding a certain percentage of the original quantity. The default setting is to allow your customers to change product quantities without restrictions but you can change this anytime.

Disallow quantity increase exceeding a certain percentage

  1. Go to Customer Portal settings > Customize order editing section.
  2. Under Decide what changes customers can make, check the box next to Customers can increase quantity only up to.
  3. Select a percentage in the dropdown menu. Your changes will be automatically saved.

When this setting is enabled, your customers won't be allowed to increase the product quantity if this exceeds the percentage of the original quantity selected. They will run into a "Max quantity exceeded" message and won't be able to save this quantity change: