Usage limit in Cleverific

All of Cleverific's pricing plans are based on usage per billing cycle. This article will go over what your usage includes, where you can consult your current usage, and what happens after your billing cycle ends or if you hit your usage limit.

You can find more information about our pricing plans here.

Included in your usage

For all plans, usage is based on the total number of order edits, new orders, new draft orders, edited draft orders, and abandoned cart recoveries processed by Cleverific during the current billing cycle. We count as a usage when the "Save" button is clicked within Cleverific.

This will also include bundle and promo automation with Shopify Flow + Cleverific processed per billing cycle.

Note: Since October 2023, all plans have access to Shopify Flow + Cleverific.

On the Professional plan and above:

Consult your current usage

  1. Navigate to Apps > Cleverific Order Editor.
  2. On your dashboard, you will see your current Total Order Editor usage, your billing cycle end date, the Customer Portal edits* and the automations processed*

(*if included in your plan)

Usage limit notification

When you're close to reaching your usage limit, Cleverific will send you an email notification.

Example of a usage limit notification

Usage limit reached

If you hit your usage limit, you won't be able to use Cleverific till you upgrade your plan or wait for your next billing cycle to start.

Once you reach 100% of your usage limit, you will see an "Upgrade plan" link in your editor and dashboard, which will take you to the plan selection.

End of billing cycle

When your billing cycle ends, your usage will be reset to zero. You can see your billing cycle end date on your Cleverific dashboard, under your current usage.

Note: you can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime, as we understand that some months might get busier than others!

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