Processing automatic refunds for cancelled orders in Customer Portal

In your Customer Portal settings, you can enable a setting to automatically process refunds when an order gets cancelled by your customer. This article will show you how to enable this setting and what happens to your orders once they get cancelled in Customer Portal.

Enable automatic refunds for cancelled orders

  • Navigate to Apps > Cleverific Order Editor > Customer Portal
  • In the Customize order editing section, under Decide if customers can cancel orders > Refund handling, enable Automatically process refunds on cancelled orders

By enabling this setting, a refund will be automatically issued when your customers cancel their orders in Customer Portal.

If additional payments were captured on this order, (i.e.: when a product gets added and paid for), those payments will be refunded as well.

Refunds on your order page

While your order will be refunded after cancellation, you might still see the payment status as paid. If you navigate in your order’s Timeline, you will see that the refund appears as pending.

Indeed, Shopify now posts the refund as pending first to be reviewed and processed, but it gets cleared out pretty quickly. According to their Help Center: "In most cases, the refund is labeled as Pending for up to 2 business days, and it can take up to 10 business days for your customer to receive the refunded amount."

Once this refund gets cleared, your order will have a status as Cancelled and Refunded.

Authorized payments and automatic refund

If the payment on the cancelled order was only authorized and not captured, the authorization will be voided. However, Shopify will still show the order as Authorized.

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