Managing out-of-stock bundle

Cleverific + Shopify Flow allows you to set up an automation to automatically expand your bundles into their individual SKUs. This article will explain what happens when one of your bundles or bundle components becomes out-of-stock.

Main bundle item

Because Cleverific only performs all of its bundle expansion operations after the order has been placed, Cleverific can't determine if a bundle should be allowed to be sold or not.

Bundle components

If a bundle item becomes out of stock, this item will still be added to the bundle.

Our best recommendation is to always set the available inventory of the bundle product to the lowest available inventory of any one individual component. This way, you'll prevent selling more bundles than can be fulfilled.

If a bundle is sold where one of its bundle components is out of stock, the bundle component will still get added to the order as part of the bundle.

However, when a user opens this order, Shopify will display a warning banner mentioning that one of the items is out of stock.

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