Shopify POS

Cleverific has limited support for orders made with Shopify POS. Shopify unfortunately doesn't provide any information for us to create an order on behalf of another sales channel. While you should be able to edit POS orders, you might run into certain known issues.

Known issues

  1. Cleverific assumes online sales. Shopify will always automatically treat the newly edited orders Cleverific creates as web orders and not POS orders.
  2. Calculating taxes for transactions accepted in person is not yet supported. If you are editing a POS order, always double-check your order’s tax lines.
  3. Using Cleverific can affect your “POS Location” reports within your Analytics in Shopify. Shopify's POS Location reports will not include orders edited with Cleverific, even though Cleverific will correctly assign the POS device used. This can cause reported returns to appear higher than expected and net sales to appear lower than expected. 

Any questions? Reach out to our support team at