Returning items to inventory

Cleverific can be used to return items to inventory and automatically issue a refund for your customer

Return items to inventory

1. Open the order in Shopify and click More Actions > Edit Order.

  1. Click on the trash icon next to the item you wish to return to stock.

  1. After successfully removing the item you wish to return to stock, click Save.

  1. The item(s) will automatically be returned to inventory (unless you use Cleverific's "Do not return to stock" override).

    The price difference will automatically be refunded to the original payment method (unless you use Cleverific's "Do not issue refund" override).

You can remove an item in Cleverific's Advanced Mode and Quick Mode.

If you use Advanced Mode, the original order will be marked as canceled, and a new order will be created.

If you use Quick Mode, the edits will be saved in place, directly onto your original order.