Performing refunds

When editing an order, Cleverific automatically refunds the order after the initial edit if a refund is due.

This article will show you how to initiate a refund for several scenarios:

  • Refunding an item
  • Refunding a partial amount of an item
  • Refunding shipping

Refund an item

Locate the item you want to refund and click the trash icon. This will remove the item from your order. By default, Cleverific will automatically return this item (in whatever quantity it was purchased) to stock

Note: If your customer is returning all items and you don't want these items to return to stock, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Edit under Settings. Check the box next to Do not return to stock to override Cleverific's default setting. 

Refund a partial amount for an item

  1. Locate the item you want to partially refund. 
  2. Click the tag icon beside the price and discount it by percentage or dollar amount. You can also manually type in a new amount.

Refund shipping

To fully refund shipping, select the original shipping rate and manually change its price to 0. If you want to initiate a partial refund for shipping, adjust the price accordingly.


When you remove an item in Cleverific, the item will no longer appear in the active list of items on your Shopify order page. If you only partially refund the item, it will appear with its reduced price.

Below the list of items, you'll also find the amount that your customer was refunded and the net amount that was paid.

In the Timeline of your order page, you will see that Cleverific has manually marked the order as refunded. 

Note: If you want to verify that the refund successfully went through upon your initial edits, you can open your original order. The amount that was refunded to your customer is listed below the list of items, in the Totals section.


Due to a limitation in Shopify, refunds will not be processed when issued through an order edited multiple times. If you want to add a refund hours or days after the first edits, you'll need to go back to the original order and manually perform a refund through Shopify.

Read more about performing refunds on edited orders.

If you have any more questions about refunds, please reach out to us at