Cancelled order emails

When you edit an order with Cleverific's Advanced Mode, Cleverific will do a "save as" by cancelling the original order and creating a new version of the order with your edits applied. Cleverific handles notifications when editing in the following way:

  • By default, Cleverific does not trigger Shopify to send any order cancellation emails to your customer
  • By default, Cleverific does not send any order notifications to your customer regarding the edited order

Sending notifications

If you would like to make sure that your customers receive an email confirmation regarding the edits applied to their order, please see our guide here: Send an email notification when updating an order

Known Issues

Because Cleverific performs this "save as" process, customers can sometimes be confused when they check the status of their order after it has been edited and then see that it was cancelled. The issue here is that when an order is edited, the order status link included in the original order email confirmation can't be forwarded to the new version of the order.

For example:

  1. Customer places Order #1001
  2. Customer receives an email confirmation for Order #1001, which includes an order status link
  3. After contacting you, Order #1001 is edited. This causes Order #1001 to be cancelled and a new version created as Order #1001A

If the customer in the above example goes to check the order status link in step 2, they will see that Order #1001 was cancelled.


We recommend the following to help reduce customer confusion:

  1. Send an email notification to the customer for the updated order. Please see our guide here: Send an email notification when updating an order
  2. Let the customer know what to expect regarding the original order confirmation

We have a solution to this issue on our roadmap to allow you to add a liquid tag to your order confirmation emails to ensure that customers are forwarded to the correct version of the order after it's been edited.

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