Combining orders

Cleverific Order Editor can be used to combine two orders into one order. Below are the steps showing how to do this.

Combine orders

In the following example, we will use both paid order  #1929 and paid order #1930 to demonstrate how to combine two orders.
  1. Open order #1929 and order #1930 in two separate windows, and put them side by side on your screen.
  2. Open Order Editor for the order with the greater amount of line items (#1929), and use the search to find and add all of the items from the other order (#1930). 
  3. Once all of the items from order #1930 have been added, save the order without sending a Payment Request. This will create your new, combined order as Order #1929A, and order #1929 will be canceled automatically without giving a refund.
  4. Mark Order #1929A as paid on the order page of your Shopify Admin. 
  5. Lastly, cancel order #1930 without giving a refund (manually set the refund amount to $0).
Your two orders should now be combined. 

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