Accepting pre-orders

Cleverific Order Editor can be used to create pre-orders for products that are not yet available for fulfillment. This article will show you how. 

Generate pre-orders through the Shopify Admin

  1. Create a new order with the pre-order item, and leave the item unfulfilled
  2. Once the product comes in, open the order and select Send Payment Request from the More actions dropdown menu
  3. Once the payment is received from your customer, fulfill the order

Pre-order through the front-end of your store

  1. Create a custom payment gateway called "Pre-Order"
  2. Instruct your customers through the product listing to select the "Pre-Order" payment gateway upon checking out (only necessary if you are not collecting a deposit)

  3. Send a payment request for the order once the product is ready for fulfillment
  4. When the payment is received, fulfill the order

Use product variants to accept deposits

  1. Create a variant of the pre-order product with the price set to the desired deposit amount
  2. Generate the preorder through the Shopify admin, and/or list the deposit variant on the front end of your store

Collect the rest of the cost

  1. Open the order(s) and click Order Editor from the More actions drop-down  menu
  2. Remove the pre-order deposit variant from the order

  3. Replace it with the regular product variant at full-price

  4. Click Save and then click Send Payment Request.

  1. Once your order is marked as paid, fulfill the order.

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