Edited orders appearing differently in other apps

If you can't find edited orders in a different Shopify app, that app probably uses a different order identifier than Shopify and Cleverific. This article will help you find these orders and show you how to update your Cleverific Advanced Settings so that orders appear the same in both Shopify and your other apps.

Finding the correct order

Please contact our support team with your MyShopify URL and the order numbers you're looking for, and we will help you find them: support@editorder.net.

Disable suffixing in your Advanced Settings

Disabling suffixing will make it so orders appear the same in Shopify as they do in your other apps that use a hidden Shopify field for identifying orders. To disable suffixing in your Advanced Settings, please see this documentation: Add suffix to edited orders (#1000A)

Why this happens

Cleverific uses suffixing to make it easier to track your edits. This is why when you edit order #1000, its edited version becomes order #1000A.

Behind the scenes, Shopify has a hidden order field that tracks each new order created in your store. This means that you see #1000A in your Shopify Admin, but behind the scenes, Shopify is using a hidden metadata field to identify that order with the next available order number (i.e.: #1001).

Even though both Shopify and Cleverific recommend using the "name" field for identifying orders, some other apps have chosen to use this hidden "order_number" metadata field to identify orders in their platform instead of the "name" field. When this is the case, an edited order may appear by a different name in your app than it does in Shopify.

Apps known to use "order_number" instead of "name"

  • ShipStation
  • StarShipIt
  • ShipEasy
  • Teapplix
  • eShipper
  • Pirate Ship
  • EasyPost
  • ShippingEasy
  • smile.io
  • eShipper

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